About us

Airtime4good.co.za is the easiest way to help your charity help itself... constantly and sustainably.

Buying Prepaid Airtime and Giving to Charity may not seem to have much in common, but with most South Africans now using mobile phones, Prepaid Airtime is the perfect platform to encourage a whole new generation to help change our world. Airtime4good.co.za is more than just a fund raiser. It gives participating charities a constant, sustainable revenue stream.

The logic is straight forward. Just purchase your Prepaid Airtime at www.airtime4good.co.za and click on the charity that must benefit. The profit that would normally go to the retailer or bank, goes straight to the charity you love! No queues, no petrol, no admin, no fuss, no delays... yes funky, yes easy, yes planet! Guaranteed. And with so many South Africans buying Airtime, Airtime4good will help your charity change the world.

Airtime4good.co.za is a Corporate Social Investment project. Through your participation the majority of the retail profit margin received from the cellular Networks is donated directly to the Charity you select. The website is owned and operated by FREEPAID (PTY) LTD, Registration number 2003/011439/07; VAT No: 4570215345.