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How to Pay

Payments should be made to our instant clearing account at Freepaid (Pty) Ltd. FNB, Tygerberg. Branch code 201410. Account number 62057217400. Put ONLY your CELL NUMBER as the Reference number when making payment.

Payments made by EFT from FNB will be credited to your account automatically and immediately if your correct cell number is entered as the reference number. There is no need to fax proof of payment.

To avoid CASH DEPOSIT FEES you simply EFT funds to us. Be aware that EFT payments received from another bank may take a day or so to reach us. There is no minimum account balance, but all deposits or transfers that you make for Airtime should exceed R150.00 to be captured automatically. Smaller amounts must be captured manually, so loading your credit will take longer and will be subject to an administration fee of R50.00. Kindly note that cheques are not acceptable.

Tip: If you are not near your computer and you need our bank details simply SMS BANK to 0836473999 and you will immediately receive an SMS containing our Bank account details. The SMS will also indicate how much money you still have available for Airtime. Save the SMS number into your phone for future use.